zondag 5 september 2010

education time

So... I have come to the conclusion that (most of) you are pretty much uninformed basement dwelling neckbeards who spend their time posting lolcats and photoshopping Keanu Reaves into every possible picture in the universe. Sadly thats just not going to cut it when you want to be the guy that knows a lot of shit but still is socially awkward instead of the socially awkward guy that doesn't know shit.

So I figured, since I will be ranting about how incredibly dumb religion is I'd kick education time off with some badass macro scale science. Firstly because you might not be able to understand my (probably retarded) point of view on everyday debates like that islamic cultural center a few blocks away from ground zero. Secondly because the videos I will be posting are quite awesome and could influence the rest of your life.

TL;DR  Just watch it you lazy prick.

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  1. Good to see another intelligent /b/logger.
    I think you'd like my blog too:


    Although I differ slightly on religion!


    Leave a comment, I like argument :D

  2. now following and all that jazz.


  3. Nice blog bro.