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The stupidest debate ever.

Hey all,

sorry for not posting yesterday. But to make it up for you I have decided, in the spirit of the upcoming 9 year "anniversary" of the World Trade Centers destruction I would go and settle the (as I see it) most retarded opposition of religious freedom I have ever witnessed.

Im talking, of course, about the construction of the so called 9/11 mosque.. DUN DUN DUN...

There has been quite some controversy in New York for a while now considering this building in progress. Here is a map showing where ground zero is and it also shows the location of the upcoming "mosque" and also some other things that according to many of the christian fundamentalists fall in the same category of horrible things that should be damned to hell, but oddly enough they seem to overlook those buildings.

So, to begin my rant about how retarded the people who oppose the "mosque" are, first lets get a couple things straight.


It is actually a 14 stories high community center that has determined that 2 of its stories are arranged to be a space of worship for muslims. It does not overlook the ground zero site, its actually a couple of hundred yards away from it. The building has been empty for a number of years and the renovation to community center is not funded by the public.

Now to continue here are two things you must know about me.

I'm an atheist, and I sincerely feel that every religion is absolutely retarded, I am talking about Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and so on. But that does not mean that I don't support the right of people to have imaginary friends. And there is one thing I hate more than people having imaginary friends, people that have imaginary friends that deny others to have imaginary friends.

Secondly, I do not believe that al-qaeda / al-qaida (however the hell you spell that) is behind the attacks on World Trade Center's building 1,2 and 7. Let alone the attacks on the Pentagon. But for the sake of argument I'm going to assume that everything the U.S. government says is true and that some people that happen to be followers of Islam drove some planes into a number of buildings.

As i said I am an atheist, but this is the very first time I actually support the building of a "mosque" near ground zero for this very important reason. It is basically a gesture to the entire islamic community saying: Hey, we know you weren't behind these attacks, it was just a bunch of radicals and we are wise enough to see that we should not judge an entire community on the actions of a couple of nut jobs. Hell, there have also been people from our religion that have done stupid things and we certainly are not at all like them. And here in America we value your constitutional rights, even though those people did not. Because this is America, a country where we protect the rights of the minorities BECAUSE THATS WHY OUR CONSTITUTION WAS CREATED, THE FOUNDATION OF THIS NATION.    (yeh that rhymes)

Actually now that I think of it, I would support public funding of a real mosque because it says exactly that.

but not according to some people, introducing the opponents of the community center

Last week polls were taken among New Yorkers, here are some results.

Of all the people interviewed, 63% of the people said that there shouldn't be a community center with 2 stories dedicated to muslim worship anywhere near ground zero

Of all the people interviewed, 64% of the people said that Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf has the constitutional right to build a community center with 2 stories dedicated to muslim worship multiple blocks away from ground zero.

So doing the incredibly hard math work it turns out that 26% of the interviewed people actually are such dumbfucks that they don't even understand their constitution.

lets say a 100 people were interviewed, 63 of those people were against the "mosque" and 26 of those 63 are by definition, unbelievably stupid. So at least
(26/63)x100= 41.27% of the people that oppose the building of that community center are borderline retarded.

But lets get to some real arguments.

Something like: Why should they be able to build a mosque in New York if we can't build a synagogue ( if i spelled that correctly) in Mecca.

Seriously what the f ...
Aren't we supposed to better then those bigots over there? Are you really implying that you are just as bad as the people that you hate because you want to stoop down to their level? I don't even...

For years I thought you citizens of the United States actually were so proud of your nation, your constitution. Especially when the majority of you people opposing the "mosque" are right wing conservatives that constantly go "BUT HERP DERP TEH CONSTITUTON".

It is hallowed ground.

So something is hallowed ground when a holy man blessed the land. So I am assuming a priest or a rabbi or whatever went there and blessed the land. And a mosque is not good according to the bible.

Ehm okay so the strip clubs and porn shops and even the a real mosque that are also in the same area are "alright". Wait a minute... that makes completely no sense.. at all..

Muslims build mosques on places where they had a victory, they are just saying they beat us by building that "mosque"

Yeah obviously, look at all the mosques in the world. Here in the Netherlands, there are currently multiple mosques under construction. And let me tell you one thing, it is obviously because they beat us in some kind of way, there was a food eating contest and this muslim guy here won it. HOLY SHIT LETS BUILD A MOSQUE. But seriously mosques are being built because there is a demand for them, not because they won something.

Besides, is that not what the Christians and Jews did during the course of history? Did they not go and kill people and impose a religion on them?

People were killed in the name of Islam, its a bad religion

Yes I'm an atheist and I also think its a bad religion, actually I think all religions are bad, but never the less they have just as much right to exist in this world as anything or anyone. And yes people were killed in the name of Islam but that does not make all Muslims bad.

I mean what the fuck have you guys ever heard of Christianity? The inquisitions in almost every content. Islam is aproximately 1400 years ago. Do you know what Christianity was doing 1400 years in its existence? If you look at what Islam is doing now and multiply it tenfold it would still be as cute as two puppy's playing around with each other in god damn magic fairy land compared to Christianity.

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf is an "evil" extremist

What the fuck, thats the biggest load of crap I have ever heard. Seriously, even one of the most right wing administrations (the Bush administration) said he was THE example of a moderate muslim. I mean have you guys ever even read any of his work? No of course not because if you had you wouldn't be protesting this community center in the first place. Or do you actually believe just because he moved his "mosque" to a bigger location because there was more demand for it suddenly made his some extremist right suicide bomber.

and my favorite:

You wouldn't build a mosque in the pentagon, You wouldn't build a hindu temple in Pearl Harbor.

Well first of all there is a muslim prayer room in the pentagon. Secondly.....
what did the Hindu's ever do to Pearl Harbor.. maybe he means shinto temple, and wait for it. There actually is a shinto temple in Pearl Harbor.

It hurts the feelings of the victims of 9/11

As I already pointed out, they have no reason to be offended. And if they are, they are racist bigots because they are just saying that those 19 men represent all of Islam, and thats like.... fucking stupid.

Fun fact by the way, the main news channel thats absolutely anti "9/11 mosque" is Fox news, however it turns out that Fox news's second largest shareholder is one of the main funders of the community center.

So it all boils down to this. Do you think that the actions of few represent the minds of many?

But really what the retarded thing is about this debate, is that very few people have gone out and said what I have just written down. Because any rational person that would hear this would come to their senses.

So think again, christian, jew, muslim, atheist, should you be excluded from having a freedom of believing what you want just because of the actions of some?

This is the first step on the road that leads to hate, intolerance, and more. If the plans for the "mosque" wont follow through, it will be the official sign that your rights are not unshakable. And that they can be taken away because the majority thinks it is an unpopular idea. Please remember that at times, ending slavery was an unpopular idea. That rights for minorities were an unpopular idea. That rights  for women were an unpopular idea.

Now it seems that the right for freedom of religion is an unpopular idea, and that the constitution will just be thrown away like some piece of paper because it, in this case, does not for fill the wishes of the majority. The majority that is too stupid to realize that the constitution is not there to protect the rights of the majority, it is there to protect the rights of  the minority. And as I already said, when those rights fade, there is no longer "America" there will only be a bunch of savages.

Please do not forget english is not my first language, so sorry for the spelling mistakes.

Well thats my rant for the day, peace.

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  1. oasis of reason
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  2. Lots of great real information here. I'm linking this on my facebook page to spread some understanding. It's probably preaching to the choir, but whatever.

    Following and supporting. Keep it up.


  3. Good read, a lot of information in this blog. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Somehow very strange how the american public goes on about this issue, the mosque on ground zero is not a mosque nor on ground zero. And still, if it would be an mosque and near ground zero, shouldn't it be protected by freedom of religion? It's just a building.

  5. Dashoberto summed it up pretty well.

    This whole 'controversy' is incredibly stupid.