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In this post Ill try to give some info and my stance on the current developments in Iran.

Before we start talking about whats currently happening, we have to look at its past. I have embedded a short 10 minute video that is both eye-opening and factual.

For some clarification, heres a map of Iran and surroundings where there are U.S. armed forces.

Hmm... that does give you something to think about.

When Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the highest-ranking American officer, was asked recently on NBC’s Meet The Press whether the United States has a military plan for an attack on Iran, he replied simply: “We do.”

Now I'm not saying a war like Iraq is not horrible, but Ill now make the case that a war in Iran will be some serious business. First of all, it is pretty easy to get caught up in a war with them, mostly because the current government (a theocracy) does not like... well it doesnt like anything. Seriously check this link out:

Ahmedinejad slams Paul the 'psychic' octopus

And if one country goes to war against Iran chances are pretty big your country will do the same. Heres one example: Israel goes to war with Iran, but America has already announced that its support to Israel is sacred. Therefore America is bound to go to war. And it just so happens that not only every other Western president/what ever you call your leader has no spine, but there already in a sort of alliancecalled the NATO (north atlantic treaty organisation), so war for every western country will be imminent. If any middle eastern country would have beef with Iran they'll also recieve american funding. So yeah....

Now you are probably thinking.. they might be some crazy religious guys but do they really have an interest in war? Well turns out they have an increadible interest in war.

As you all know, every country is pretty much addicted to oil, and it turns out that Iran has over 7% of all the oil in the world and because of that war would increase the oil prices AKA more money). Ofcourse you are thinking now.. dude 7 percent that counts for shit. Yeah well so did I untill I did a bit of research. If you look at the map again, you'll see that Iran pretty much dominates the persian guld wich happens to be where almost all the oil in the world goes through on ships. Iran’s mountainous coastline extends along the whole northern side of the Gulf, and these missiles have easily concealed mobile launchers. They would sink tankers with ease, and in a few days insurance rates for tankers planning to enter the Gulf would become prohibitive, effectively shutting down the region’s oil exports completely. So if there will be war, Iran can control pretty much 50% of all the oil in the world. And furthermore a lot of the oil that is not beeing pumped up to the surface in the middle east is located in Venezuela, and turns out Chavez and Ahmedinejad are pretty much BFF's.

But surely we could invade Iran if we needed to... well turns out we pretty much can not...

There are some 80 million people in Iran, and although many of them don’t like the present regime they are almost all fervent patriots who would resist a foreign invasion. Iran is a mountainous country, and very big: four times the size of Iraq. The Iranian army currently numbers about 450,000 men, slightly smaller than the U.S. Army—but unlike the U.S. Army, it does not have its troops scattered across literally dozens of countries. So our only oppertunity would be to drop a carpet of nuclear weapons across entire Iran. And by doing so, the country that would use nuclear devices would have pretty much the entire united nations on their ass.

My fingers are getting tired now so Ill continue this post another time.

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  2. thanks for the news, seeing how i don't relay watch it. quite interesting though im glad i spent the time

  3. This video pretty much summed it all up, nice find!
    Ill come back soon expecting another juicy post, best of luck and greetings from Mexico!

  4. Interesting stuff, I'm following. I could sure use some viewers.

  5. very interesting bro, I didnt know this. thanks for the post

  6. Unfortunately America cannot afford another war. Neck deep in debt and recession.

  7. War with Iran has been in the works for a long time.

  8. well America will probably just inflate the currency and then theyll have some money in the short run followed by a big depression after that but they do not care because the depression does not hurt them. ( the insanely rich)

  9. This is great. It royally pisses me off when people ignorantly talk about going to war with the Iranians.